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We are a passionate team whose goal is to help doing your work with pleasure and userfriendly innovative products.




IoT ready

METROlux works great with develop modules for the Zwave and LoRa protocol.

Home automation with your smart energy and gass.

Compatibility with
Arduino and ARM
micro-controllers are full tested.
You can create your own embedded device now.

Work safe   

A roll back from your entire system must be simple and easy.

You can easy manage the security firewall on your system, because one complex handle for a firewall can be the reason to shut it off.

There is afree rootkit scanner available
for METROlux .


Better an more effective as many apps on your desktop.  
You can organize online frequent used tools in the METROlux-WEB menu.
work with it, on every device or USB and..
Never seek again:
All your online tools integrated in one menu and always your app on the same place.                                   


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