Webstores and

Adapting embedded technologies with microcontrollers makes it possible large storerage and pickorders done full automate.

With Arduino you can learn howto design embedded devices and programming those microcontrollers.

Industries and

Most industries have robots to finishing work that's for humans heavy to do, sequential repeating or must do very fast.

Research and development with emedded engineering makes it possible to make those robots.

Infrastucture and
autonome traffic

Most people have seen that there are autonome cars, transport-ship's, drones, ect. On many roads and other places are several sensors, to facilitate those autonome devices with remote.

All those devices have a microcontroller as Arduino have.

 Course/training & workshop

Online Arduino learning for.


Arduino for the young ones ( not published yet.)


Theoretical + Practical training in small classes.

Online training and workshop "StartUp"

DIY workshop to learn using the Arduino online with "startup".


Learn it easy with fun..


Support the learning projects with practical examples as traffic light, cute robot, agri-plants module and more, in a creative layout and many illustrations.


You learn a lot of skills by building your projects practical.

Read scheme, programming in C+, develop projects, create logs, librarys, remote controls and build working projects. you get an certificate too!

"StartUp" Trainings

All these courses are created for the new ones and interested.

You learn by yourself to build the same projects as in the workshops training, by finishing the course, its a precourse for the workshops,you can build the same projects as in the workshop.