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ColohEDU Netherlands

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What can we offer?

ColohEDU provides and organizes technical ICT related workshops for secondary and vocational education students, for companies to learn and explore innovative technologies such as the Internet Of Things, robotics and the automation of machines in a practical environment or to work on existing projects such as developing projects. for companies and realize a concept implementation.

A collection has already been made for this and we make tailor-made teaching material with projects to be carried out and offer a wide range of material such as sensors.

Embedded engineering or design, is a course that you can choose as an optional course by senior secondary vocational education ,

(MBO. 3 & 4 ICT  &  ICT management)

Arduino is also suitable for primary education to get to know these future technologies.

Embedded engineer can be found as a profession in healthcare and applied as, for example, the care robot, medical pumps and controls, in the process industry for determining level with heat sensors or liquid sensors, in production for efficient maintenance, monitoring and control of machines and in various infrastructures such as road and hydraulic engineering where IoT is introduced and of course ICT such as 3D printer and much more.

Since July 2020, whe have the first contact with Imbed, a passionate team who have a great potential in India.