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Arduino startup
This training for starters, let you discover to the world of microcontrollers.
you create your first project and learn how Arduino works with a few lines of code.
Everything you need, such as tools to calculate resistances, an LED calculator, a circuit simulator, can be found here.
Arduino basis
"Arduino basis" for secondary vocational education, is an combination course with practical workshop.
If you finished the whole course, you can recieve the certificate "Arduino Basic"
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Arduino4KIDS has been set up for young explorers and is excellent for children from 7 years old.
skills science & technology
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Newest courses

3D Printen Bovenbouw
Bedenk en leer ontwerpen, en doe de juiste stappen om je ontwerp klaar te maken zodat je het kunt uitprinten op de 3D printer.
DevOps server & cloud2
In part one of this series, you set up a DevOps server in VMware and provisioned it with Docker.
You have learned what terms like DevOps and DevSecOps mean and how container technology works. During this second module you will gain knowledge about tags and you will get started with containers with practical exercises. The exercises are easy to understand and perform with illustrations and short text.
DevOps server & cloud 1
In this course you will set up a DevOps server in VMware and set it up with Docker and use it.
You will learn what DevOps and DevSecOps mean and how container technology works. While following this DevOps module you will be able to understand this technology with practical exercises and to perform it on your own DevOps server.