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Training-course "Excellent"

Training “Excellent”
The excellent training is intended for students and employees who want to develop further in the relevant module. The learning objectives which standard for a study program must meet in the qualification file have already been achieved. Excellent can be useful for a further education or level. you can think of transferring from MBO to HBO level or for an employee who wants to specialize in an innovation within a certain field.

Learning objectives

Learning objectives and competences “Excellent”

Gain knowledge of new innovations in the field of:
IoT and associated protocols,
Apply the concept of Machine learning and associated “models”.
R&D. (research and development of the above applications.
Understanding where IoT can be applied and how to put applications into practice.
This is subdivided into:

- Use materials and resources,
- To investigate,
- Follow instructions and procedures,
- Show drive and ambition,
- Analyze.
Information about the goals by Excellent modules
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