Arduino startup training

Arduino startup training

Arduino starter courses for learning the basics of building a project and learning programming an microcontroller.
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embedded design

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Interest in embedded technology has increased significantly in recent years in various industries where innovation and automation are integrated in many applications. This basic Arduino course gives you a first handle on how and what you can do with a microcontroller and in preparation for the workshops where you will focus more on realizing projects with the help of the books embedded engineering with Arduino and the project book. And trains you to become a basic design engineer, after which you are able to create and develop practical projects if the results are satisfactory.

Experienced teachers teach you the first skills through theoretical and practical support with the help of this platform. The practical lessons take place in the workshop at a Fablab and can possibly be after consultation at a FabLab, business location or educational location in your city, which is intended to supplement and support the teaching program. We also offer this training in the field of customized R&D for companies on request.

Resioning, solution-oriented thinking, designand more disciplines:
During this module you will learn how to create, analyze and rationalize solutions, use the available data and the projects created, read schematics, knowledge of materials, programming in C ++ and design. You use the knowledge from the books, internet and self-made logs and apply these to support your diagnosis and adjustments. The offered microcontroller board "Arduino" with sensors and accessories to build concept projects.

Exam & certificat:
The assessment consists of various parts:

Theory: During the training an online theory test is taken in the form of a multiple choice test with online questions and answers after completing the training.
Practice: The practical skills are tested by means of two tests, Carrying out a number of projects (usually two) and on the basis of a portfolio with diagrams, notes, descriptions, that you build up during the workshops.
Writing a Design Case: for the advanced, Training EXCELLENT.

The in-company (tailor-made) provision of this training is possible in the Netherlands, for information you can contact us via the e-mail address in the contact details.

Whe wish you success!

This training called "startup" is a theoretical precource for the workshop "basic"